Glass is a very specialized field and many applications need an expert to install or repair them. Shower enclosures, mirrors, and windows need repairs from time to time and if not properly sealed and installed it could cause damage to your home.

All our installed products come standard with a free measurement and backed with our extensive experience and product warranty. Enclosures Unlimited has a standard two-year seals warranty for all shower enclosures provided, as well we stand behind all our manufactures’ warranties for items such as hardware, protective coatings, windows, and mirror backing. Please contact us as soon as you see a problem so a service can be completed.

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Service Calls:

We perform maintenance and repairs on showers, mirrors, and other glass applications. Paid service calls are available for repairs on existing products installed by others or out of warranty materials. We are here to support you for years to come.

Service calls can be needed to:

  • Replace worn out door sweeps (from age and use).
  • Inspect leakage and replace aging, moldy silicone.
  • Inspect and repair, if possible, hardware issues (if under warranty parts will be ordered for replacement at no charge).
  • Repair and service items that we did not originally install, but that need an expert to fix, such as repair from improper installation, leakage, or normal wear and tear maintenance.
  • Mirrors may need to be pulled and reinstalled if construction requires or placement changes are needed. Cut-downs are offered for $25.00/cut to change sizes.
  • Inspect and repair other glass needs in your home.


The standard service call charge is $200.00 for the first hour, and then $100.00/hr (billable in 30-minute increments) afterwards. This charge includes:

  • Service calls for showers out-of-warranty require an $100.00 deposit towards the 1st hour of the service fee to secure an appointment. This fee is non-refundable for cancellations made with less than 24-hour notice.
  • Labor and Travel (we do not count our travel time to/from in your hourly rate, just time in your home).
  • Any shower vinyl that we typically carry. Note: Other manufacture’s seals may not be the same or available, but we will do our best to try to find a solution if an exact match is not available.
  • Silicone or caulk as needed.
  • We bring our own tools. You do not need to provide tools or ladders at any job.

Parts that are not included and will be quoted as needed:

  • New hardware if damaged and/or out of warranty, or hardware that we did not supply.
  • Replacement glass for broken or damaged panels.
  • Parts that we do not normally carry or sell.

Removal/Re-installation Services:

Enclosures Unlimited will also quote Removal/Re-installation of shower enclosures. Sometimes Removal/Re-installation services are needed due to needed repairs. To protect the glass, Enclosures Unlimited will remove, store and re-install after other work is done. Pricing is based on the style, brand, layout, and size of your shower. Customers can also purchase new showers directly (such as online or at a retail box store), and we will gladly help complete your project.


For pricing, Enclosures Unlimited requests that a picture of your shower, a link to the product, or brand & part # are provided via email or fax. We will review and price accordingly. NOTE: Silicone is provided only for new showers (all parts should otherwise come with the kits) and seals will be provided and quoted with re-installation of existing frameless showers.

NOTE: No warranty is offered from Enclosures Unlimited for removal/re-installation or installation only services, since we did not provide the material, may not carry the product, or know the existing condition/ quality of the material being used.

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