Cleaning & Care

Cleaning Your Shower

  • Do not use bleach-based products as this will harden and yellow both the silicone and vinyl over time.

  • Do not use ammonia-based or CLR-type products (for example Lime-Away or Windex) near the hardware; it is ok to use on the glass outside (like Windex for fingerprints) but be sure to spray onto a towel/applicator and not directly on the shower. Avoid the hardware as these products will eat away and destroy the hardware’s protective finish causing rusting and deterioration of some hardware’s inner lubrication. Using these products will void your hardware warranty.

  • Automatic shower spray cleaners are not recommended with a glass shower for this same reason.

  • We recommend normal soap and water (Dawn or other mild, grease cutting and non-abrasive soap) works best for glass and hardware for regular cleaning.

  • For mold prevention and bacteria growth, we recommend Denatured Alcohol. Alcohol kills the germs and mold like bleach, but without interfering with your vinyl or silicone properties.

  • Be careful when cleaning near your silicone to not be too rough as it can be dislodged from the wall and will cause sealing and leakage issues.

  • If you do not have Diamon Fusion or other brand protection coating, you can use a squeegee to dry your shower after each use, which will prevent from water spotting. If you have a protective coating, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions of care.

  • If you have Diamon Fusion protection coating on your glass, please follow the cleaning kit instructions or go to to read more about their product.

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